Sunday School Bible Video Session

What we do?

God is Love and he loves little children. To make the little children come to God and taste his love, we show short film that exhibits God’s miraculous work from both Old Testament and New Testament books. We don’t stop with showing the short films; each film show will be followed with fun filling age groups wise hand on biblical related activities to understand the “word of God” on what they have seen in the film session.


Where we do?

By the grace and mercy of our Lord, we are doing this ministry from June 2014 in the in the below Churches:

  1. Wesley Tamil Church, Hains Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. CSI Memorial Church, Bharati Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  3. Kothanur C.S.I. Church, Hennur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka

Bible Topics we cover

Bible stories, Gospel of Jesus Christ, Apostle of Jesus Christ, Missionaries and Martyrs are the key topics in which we a program for more than 50 sessions which will be performed with 4 years schedule plan.