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Dear Brother's and Sister's in Jesus Christ, Please post your comment on the below: - benefits which you have seen or received in books ministry or video ministry - book review comments for the benefit of other readers to choose and read - Video session content and activity benefits - Any other suggestion for improvements

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SamuelPosted on7:15 pm - Mar 5, 2017

I personally feel it was great and a creative initiative, it will attract people attention and also have an impact on people lifes

Usha SamuelPosted on7:20 pm - Mar 5, 2017

It is really very good and good initiative which is helpful even for people who cannot afford can make use of it God bless the family aboundently

Paul Jeyakumar , MaduraiPosted on10:35 am - Mar 16, 2017

Our Living and Active God, now and then, “INCARNATES” the “TRUTH”, in the hearts of some chosen believers , by a prompt or a call to act in a specific way for His glory. This we label as : MINISTRY. One such call on “Book- Ministry”- a unique and novel of it’s kind in the christian world has been entrusted to Mr.Sam, a chosen believer as a non-profitable, self – supporting task and that too only by his own family members, comprising a small band of dedicated crew which includes elders to children working together in the church premises every Sunday. I view, this”Book of Christ”- a passive preaching, since this paves the way for the people to read and look into the treasures of Theology on their own, thereby lead them to CONNECT WITH GOD by the Holy Spirit in due course. Praise be to God. PERSONAL COMMENT: As a voracious reader and a long term beneficiary of this ministry, often when I read, was shocked to find something, I never expected regarding a scriptural passage, since—- that half-side hasn’t been told —- ( I Kings 10:7) by none in my spiritual journey, but now by The Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord! Indeed a rare insight and inner strength has been developed gradually towards the perfection in my faith.

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